Have you even purchased fruit that are not fresh? Can you recollect your feelings then? What were your thoughts? It goes without saying that buying rotten fruit is an unpleasant experience that may spoil your mood for a long time. To prevent this from happening and find out the secrets of choosing fresh fruit, keep reading this article.

When shopping for fruit, it is recommended to consider the following steps:

  1. Buy seasonal fruit. Those products that are out of season may be delivered from abroad. Such fruit may not only be of bad quality, but they may also lack taste and aroma, which is definitely not what you need.
  2. Watch what you buy. Before putting any fruit into your cart, take your time to touch and smell it in order to make sure it is ripe.
  3. Explore the stem of the fruit (if possible). Experts admit that the stem is the sign of the fruit’s ripeness. If it is green and the fruit looks ripe, then that’s a perfect choice. If the stem is green and the fruit is too hard, then the fruit may be unripe. When the stem is dry, this may be the sign that the fruit is not fresh and may be rotten inside.
  4. Look at the condition of the fruit. It if comes with mold, bruises, dark spots or its color seems strange, it is better to avoid buying it. The same is about the scent. If you notice that the fruit you are going to purchase smells badly, don’t buy it, even if it looks fresh. By the way, you should also try to press the fruit gently to make sure it is ripe.

Selecting Fruit: 4 Popular Methods

Method 1.

Choosing Strawberries

Let’s start with choosing strawberries. The first things you should pay attention to is whether the berries smell and look like fresh strawberries. If they are unripe, you will hardly feel the expected scent. Fresh and high quality strawberries should also be deep red from all the sides. Even if one side of a berry is green or a bit yellow, then it is better to continue your search. This is because you run a risk of buying unripe and not tasty product.

If possible, taste the berries that have appealed to you. Do not choose only large strawberries, because small ones are often sweeter and more aromatic. And, of course, purchase strawberries only during their season, if you really wish to get fresh, aromatic and delicious berries.

Method 2.

Choosing Grapes

Grapes come in a variety of sorts, but whatever sort you prefer, there are common recommendations on how to choose the product. To start with, you should check the color of the stem and berries. Make sure the stems are a bit dry and light brown in color. If the stem is green, then the berries may be green and unripe as well. The color of grapes should be even, without any dark spots and bruises.
Just like with any berries, grapes should also be purchased during the right season. If they are imported from abroad, their quality may be under the question, so, it is recommended to give preference to local products.

Method 3.

Choosing Peaches

Flavor is the best sign of freshness of peaches and nectarines. Even if they look juicy and delicious, but don’t have any flavor, it makes sense to avoid buying such products. Do the peaches you are going to buy smell great? Then take your time to feel them properly. Press a peach slightly with your finger to make sure it is a bit soft. Speaking about the color, peaches should preferably be red and yellow. The best season to shop for the fruit is summer. Although, peaches may be available during the whole year, they are natural and fresh only during summer months.

Method 4.

Choosing Watermelons

When choosing watermelons, pay attention to the sound you hear while hitting them slightly with your hand. The sound should be loud and distinct. This is the sign of the freshness of the berry. Inspect the product to find out whether it has dark spots, bruises and other signs of damage. If so, then this can mean that the berry was smashed, which will eventually affect the taste and consistency of its texture. Dark green watermelons are generally ripe, while those of light color may prove to be unripe. Watch these signs to make sure you purchase a fresh and quality product.

Listed above are general recommendations and tips on how to select fresh fruit. Hopefully, you will make use of them when shopping for your favorite fruit and berries! Good luck!

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