Grapes are a special luxury for children and a treat in their school lunch boxes. So, it’s important to buy ripe grapes and understand whether they are seedless or not. When it comes to children, it is better to choose seedless grapes, which are often of green color and come with delicate and fantastic sweet taste and aroma. You can also purchase pink grapes, which have seeds, but they will hardly be a nice choice if you have kids. Whether you opt for green or pink grapes, keep in mind that the product should be kept in a refrigerator for optimum life span.


Have you made up your mind to opt for grapes? If so, then pay attention to the look and condition of the product before buying it. Unlike pears, which may be bough unripe and stored at home for a certain period of time, grapes are rarely sold unripe. As a result, the product may get spoiled quite fast and you have to be very attentive when buying it. What you should know is that the look of the product and its aroma will help you find out whether the grapes are ripe or not. Both seedless grapes and those that have seeds should be firm and look fresh. The skin should be smooth and the berries should be well attached to the stem. If you notice that the berries are dry, brown and have dark spots, avoid buying them. These are the first signs of the fact that the grapes have started spoiling.


Suppose, you have already bought fresh grapes. How will you know how to store them properly to prolong their life span and keep them fresh, aromatic and sweet for as long as possible? This aspect should not be underestimated, because when the grapes start spoiling, it is impossible to prevent this process, which often takes a few days or even hours, depending on where the product is stored.


Keep in mind that properly stored grapes may be kept for about 3 weeks. As mentioned above, the best way to reach this goal is to store the product in a fridge. The lower the temperature is – the longer the shelf life of berries will be. You can even freeze the grapes and add them to different dishes and cocktails during the whole year. If you are not going to freeze the berries, but still wish them to remain fresh, you should keep the product near the back of your fridge, where it is cold. Make sure there are no other bulky food products on the same shelf that may squeeze grapes.


Before putting grapes into the fridge, don’t wash them. Extra moisture may trigger the decay of the product and if this happens, other berries will get spoiled quickly as well. To prevent this from happening, keep grapes in special containers and take as many of them as you need. Hopefully, these simple tips will help you make the right choice! 


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