How to Select and Store Apples  

Apples are, probably, the most popular fruit both adults and kids adore. This is one of the first food products recommended to babies, who are ready to taste fresh vegetables and fruit. And it is no wonder, because apples are rich in vitamins and microelements that are indispensible for a human body and help strengthen the immune system, improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and even treat such health conditions as anemia. Apples should obligatory be included into the everyday diet of a person, irrespective of the age and gender.


There are lots of dishes you can cook of apples and all of them are very tasty and aromatic. However, before cooking anything out of this product or eating fresh apples, you should know how to pick them. The importance of this step should not be underestimated, because spoiled apples will hardly be nutritious and rich in vitamins.

So, when selecting apples, have a look at them first. If possible, examine them from all the sides to make sure there are no dark spots or other signs of decay on them. Then take your time to press your finger on the skin of an apple to see how firm it is. Don’t buy apples that dent. Instead, choose those that are hard, firm and come with smooth skin.


There is a widespread myth that red apples taste better and sweeter than green apples.

This is not so, because the taste of an apple depends not upon its color, but upon the sort. Having bought apples, you should keep them in a special plastic container in a fridge, if you wish to prolong their life span and get the maximum crispness and flavor out of them. Keep in mind that apples, just like many other fruit and vegetables, soak different scents. That is why, it makes sense to keep them out of other products on a shelf. 


Do you wish to eat apples that are not that cold? If so, then take them out of the fridge about an hour before eating them. This time will be enough for the apples to get warmer, juicier and more aromatic.


There is nothing complicated about picking and storing apples. Meanwhile, these simple recommendations may help you select the best apples and store them for a longer time to be able to enjoy their taste and flavor! Good luck with your choice!


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